Mostly ocean world, small masses of land covered in dense jungles. Inhabitants are currently believed to be an Alteran expidition researching ocean based cities. Other life on the planet is mainly tiger like creatures on the land and incredibly large creatures in the seas which have been nicknamed Leviathans for their size, they are both mostly peaceful and only attack when provoked, although Leviathans have eaten people who have gone for a swim too far out.


Desert world with little amount of trees or plants, current inhabitants seem to be a Goa'uld named Ra, and a few of his underlings ruling over a small population of Jaffa and Unas. They are there because of the massive deposits of Naquada found everywhere on the planet, the substance they use for their weapons and armour. There are some rumours of a rebellion rising up but any scouts to the planet have either went missing or came back with no sign of such a rebellion. Animal life is actually pretty dense, there are huge amounts of Sand Crabs, they blend in perfectly with the ground and are generally impossible to see before they attack, another life form that seems to not have been enslaved successfully are the Giants who live there, they are only about 1.5x the height of a normal human but they have fought off every attemt to bring them under the control of the Goa'uld, they are civilized to the point that they can communicate and trade but not much else.


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