The first in the modules of SkyFi, Stargate was originally going to be the only universe that was to be added but it got to a point where I decided to add more sci fi's to the list of modules. As it is the first I am using it as the core of the modules and it will be required to use any of the later modules, none of those will require any others though, so you could have Stargate & Star Wars but leave out Doctor Who, even though Doctor Who will be done before Star Wars, I would keep them all totally separate but I want to have the vanilla Skyrim world as untouched as possible, the only thing (with the exception of any add-ons) is the boat taking you to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is a very small quite heavily populated island with mixed technologies from all of the modules, the dock area is mainly Stargate based with some other elements when other modules are installed. The city is split into the major modules and each one is unlocked when the related module is active, the best way I have come to open these areas freely is to have it so you go to a central hub in the city and each module has a door which is blocked off unless you have it installed.

The Stargate section consists of many races and technologies, because of the limits of only me working in the CK (by my choice so everything is consistant and done the way I want it, remember this mod was for my own enjoyment, I am simply allowing people access to it when it is done), I have had to squeeze as much as I can onto as little amount of planets as I can. This will work out well as it means each planet will have plenty of content. In this first module I will be introducing several new game mechanics which will alter how you play if you choose to join in the quests that enable them, if you ignore them they will not influence anything and will not carry on without you so I am not forcing them onto you.